The New Search Collaborative draws upon the full power of our network and the networks of our advisory council and collaborators, to source talent who learn, live, and lead from a whole bodied perspective.

We follow a 4-phase search sequence designed to help our clients find the blue-chip talent that will help you meet your goals and achieve the impact you desire.

The New Search Collaborative approach combines deep listening, respect, and empathy with a clear strategic focus. We hold our partnerships and relationships in the highest esteem.


Phase 1: Partner with our client

OBJECTIVE:  To gain a thorough understanding of the goals of the position, the culture and life stage of the client organization, the sector and its leaders, and what a successful candidate needs to offer.

Phase 2: talent sourcing

OBJECTIVE:  To identity and attract a blue-chip bench of candidates, diverse in background and with outstanding whole bodied leadership.

Phase 3: Placement

OBJECTIVE: To move from a talent line-up to a successful hire by managing the scope and sequence of interviews as well as client and candidate feedback and participation.

Phase 4: OnboardinG

OBJECTIVE: To steward our client and the successful finalist through a successful transition.