The New Search Collaborative’s work is grounded in the principles of Whole Bodied Leadership: the belief that the skills, lessons and wisdom learned through competitive sport translate to transformative leadership in work and life.


A Competitive Edge

Sport teaches communication, self-discipline and the ability to excel in a team environment.

It enhances endurance, and teaches players not just how to win with grace, but how to continue in the face of loss. It teaches the values of practice, repetition, self-reflection and showing up under pressure. To succeed in sport requires not just physical talent, but the ability to embrace challenges and execute a vision.

Competition is both uncomfortable and rewarding, challenging and motivating. Competition is not a zero-sum game, not winner takes all; rather, it creates a culture that fosters growth and expansion.

We believe competition is an inclusive feminist value. Diverse women who play sports are going against the most powerful, ingrained stereotypes by existing and thriving as athletes. By competing, we grapple with definitions of success and questions about body image, gender expression, social roles, and values that continue to restrain women as people even 46 years after Title IX.

Playing To Win

Candidates with a strong background in sport are well positioned to play leadership roles on teams, helping to bring the vision of the company to life and manifest optimal outcomes through their exceptional efficiency and efficacy.

For women especially, there are clear links between participation in sport and success in the workplace. Research from Ernst & Young’s Women Athletes Business Network shows that 94% of senior business women in the C-suite today played sports growing up, with more than half playing at a collegiate level.

Of the 400 women EY managers or directors surveyed, 75% said that when hiring, a candidate’s background in sports positively influenced their decision to hire them.


74% of leaders say a background in sport can help accelerate a woman’s career.
— Ernst & Young

We believe competition is an inclusive feminist value.
— The New Search Collaborative